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Slovenian Government

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Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food / Ministrstvo za Kmetijstvo, Gozdarstvo in Prehrano [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mkgp.gov.si/index.php?id=12064&type=100

Latest News http://www.mkgp.gov.si/index.php?id=12550&type=100&L=1

Ministry of Culture/ Ministrstvo za Kulturo [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mk.gov.si/index.php?id=11956&type=100

Latest News http://www.mk.gov.si/index.php?id=12007&L=1&type=100

Ministry of the Economy / Ministrstvo za gospodarstvo [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mg.gov.si/index.php?id=11952&type=100

Latest News http://www.mg.gov.si/index.php?id=11986&L=1&type=100

Ministry of Education and Sport / Ministrstvo za šolstvo in šport [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mss.gov.si/index.php?id=11997&type=100

Latest News http://www.mss.gov.si/index.php?id=12057&L=1&type=100

Ministryof the Environment and Spacial Planning / Ministrstvo za okolje in prostor [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mop.gov.si/index.php?id=11977&type=100

Latest News http://www.mop.gov.si/index.php?id=12116&L=1&type=100

Ministry of Foreign Affairs / Ministrstvo za zunanje zadeve [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mzz.gov.si/index.php?id=3142&type=100

Latest news http://www.mzz.gov.si/index.php?id=3256&L=2&type=100

Ministry of Health / Ministrstvo za zdravje [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mz.gov.si/index.php?id=12025&type=100

Latest News http://www.mz.gov.si/index.php?id=12104&L=1&type=100

Ministry of Higher Educations, Science and Technology / Ministrstvo za visoko šolstvo, znanost in tehnologijo [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mvzt.gov.si/index.php?id=11971&type=100

Latest News http://www.mvzt.gov.si/index.php?id=12025&L=1&type=100

Ministry of the Interior / Ministrstvo za notranje zadeve [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mnz.gov.si/index.php?id=12006&type=100

Latest news http://www.mnz.gov.si/index.php?id=12049&L=1&type=100

Ministrty of Justice / Ministrstvo za pravosodje [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mp.gov.si/index.php?id=12002&type=100

Latest News http://www.mp.gov.si/index.php?id=12003&L=1&type=100

Ministry of Labour / Ministrstvo za delo, družino in socialne zadeve [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mddsz.gov.si/index.php?id=12007&type=100

Latest News http://www.mddsz.gov.si/index.php?id=12104&L=1&type=100

Ministry of Public Administration / Ministrstvo za javno upravo [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mju.gov.si/index.php?id=12007&type=100

Latest News http://www.mju.gov.si/index.php?id=12038&L=1&type=100

Ministry of Transport / Ministrstvo za promet [Website]


Aktualne novice http://www.mzp.gov.si/index.php?id=11995&type=100

Latest News http://www.mzp.gov.si/index.php?id=12010&L=1&type=100

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