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Irish Government

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Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) [Website]


What’s New http://www.comreg.ie/about_us/rss.43.html


Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources [Website]


Press releases http://www.dcenr.gov.ie/rss/press.xml


Department of Environment, Heritage and Local Government [Website]


Latest News http://www.environ.ie/rss/RSS/index.xml


Department of Foreign Affairs [Website]


Press Releases http://foreignaffairs.gov.ie/home/rss.aspx?nav_id=379&t=10&l=en&sub=y

Treaties http://foreignaffairs.gov.ie/home/rss.aspx?nav_id=384&t=23&l=en&sub=y

Travel Alerts http://foreignaffairs.gov.ie/home/rss.aspx?nav_id=386&t=12&l=en&sub=y

Freedom of Information Request http://foreignaffairs.gov.ie/home/rss.aspx?nav_id=377&t=13&l=en&sub=y


Department of Health and Children [Website]


ACTS http://www.dohc.ie/legislation/acts/feed.rss

Press Releases http://www.dohc.ie/press/releases/feed.rss

Publications http://www.dohc.ie/publications/feed.rss

News http://www.dohc.ie/news/feed.rss

Statutory Instruments http://www.dohc.ie/legislation/statutory_instruments/feed.rss

Speeches http://www.dohc.ie/press/speeches/feed.rss


Department of Social and Family Affairs [Website]


Latest News http://www.welfare.ie/syndication/general_rss.xml


Houses of the Oireachtas [Website]


Weekly agenda and some other matters http://www.oireachtas.ie/documents/RSS/ThisWeek.xm

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